Why Buy From Us?

  1. You know the big box camper guys that have no personality, answer to shareholders, and tack on a bunch of added fees? Well, that is not us. We are small, transparent, family owned, and care. Think David vs Goliath. We are the opposite of the big guys.
  2. We like to have fun! We are a fun dealership to do business with because we don't take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short not to enjoy the journey. Come see us - we feel it is worth the drive every time.
  3. We are personable bunch and will give out our cell phone numbers if you ask. If you call late though we might not answer because we like to say that we want to be fresh the next morning to help our awesome customers. Truth is some of us might be getting older and have a hard time staying up but leave us a message and we will call you!
  4. We are passionate about camping. You might even say we are obsessed about it. If you camp at one of our local campgrounds there is a good chance you will bump into one of our incredible team members at the campground.
  5. Ever heard of Taco Tuesday? We got something even better called an Adventure Pack! Okay maybe not better than tacos…we do love tacos, but the Adventure Pack is a starter pack that contains over $300 worth of goodies like bug screens, water and sewer hose, roof vent covers, and more. Most of our competitors do not do this and on the bright side you can buy a whole lot of tacos with the money you are saving.
  6. We have service you can count on. We send our technicians to train often so they are certified and knowledgeable on the latest repair techniques. It's like having your own uncle Larry at your disposal except the advice is probably better.
  7. We love our military, police, and first responders. You guys and gals rock and we appreciate the sacrifices you make daily. Thank you!! We have a special gift for you when you purchase a camper from us.
  8. We carry many of the top selling brands and most well-respected brands in the industry. We continually evaluate what we stock to bring you absolutely the best floor plans and product.
  9. We are Pro-God, Pro-Country, and Pro Camping. We don't apologize for it and don't intend to. God bless the USA!
  10. Our employees are an awesome bunch of people. We try very hard to find and hire great people. Every now and again we make mistakes, but we seriously love our jobs and are thankful for the opportunity to serve our customers.
  11. We believe strongly that camping and getting out in nature is a great way to connect with God and with family. Sometimes the only time we see our children emerge from their rooms is when there is a power outage, and the WI-FI goes down. We believe in creating memories with family and there is no better way than to go on a camping trip where there is no cell coverage, and you have to talk to each other.
  12. Lastly - Why us? We are the dealership that never wants to forget that without customers we do not exist. We are grateful for every opportunity that we are given to help in parts, sales, and service! We are thankful for customers. Let us show you!!
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